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Opportunity is knocking on the door.

Listen! Opportunity is knocking on your door.

“When one door closes, another door opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the ones which open for us.” – Alexander Graham Bell, inventor

The reason so many people never get anywhere in life is because when opportunity knocks, they are out in the backyard looking for four-leaf clovers. Walter P. Chrysler


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Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

He failed in business in ’31.

He was defeated for state legislator in ’32.

He tried another business in ’33.  It failed.

His fiancée died in ’35.

He had a nervous breakdown in ’36.

In ’43 he ran for congress and was defeated.

He tried again in ’48 and was defeated again.

He tried running for the Senate in ’55.  He lost.

The next year he ran for Vice President and lost.

In ’59 he ran for the Senate again and was defeated.


In 1860, the man who signed his name

Abraham Lincoln was elected

the 16th President of the United States.


The difference between

history’s boldest accomplishments,

and its most staggering failures is often,


the diligent will to persevere.”

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Click to visit the American Museum of Natural History website in New York

Recently I had an opportunity to re-visit American Museum of Natural History located on the upper west side of Manhattan at 79th Street, right across from Central Park. From the pre-historic dinosaurs; the origins of mankind; life in the depth of the ocean to the treasures from space and numerous other exhibits.

The visit will definitely leave you awe struck —  on one hand it points to man’s insignificance in the universal scheme of things and on the other it is immensly fascinating. The existence of life on Earth is no less than a miracle.

If you live in New York or are just visiting and if you have only have time to see one museum — make it American Museum of Natural History and get your own Eureka! moment — It’s how Archimedes must have felt when he ran out naked in the streets of Syracuse, Sicily or Galileo when he presented heliocentrism to the world or Newton and his apple.

American Museum of Natural History

Central Park West at 79th Street
New York, NY 10024-5192
Phone: 212-769-5100

Open daily from 10 am – 5:45 pm
except on Thanksgiving and Christmas


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A Plaque

A Plaque

“All men dream, but not equally. For the Dreamers of the Night awaken to find that it was merely their vanity. But the Dreamers of the Day are the dangerous ones for they dream with their eyes open and they make things happen.”

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The Starry Night ban Van Gogh

The Starry Night by Van Gogh


It’s at night, when perhaps we should be dreaming, that the mind is most clear, that we are most able to hold all our life in the palm of our skull. I don’t know if anyone has ever pointed out that great attraction of insomnia before, but it is so; the night seems to release a little more of our vast backward inheritance of instincts and feelings; as with the dawn, a little honey is allowed to ooze between the lips of the sandwich, a little of the stuff of dreams to drip into the waking mind. I wish I believed, as J. B. Priestley did, that consciousness continues after disembodiment or death, not forever, but for a long while. Three score years and ten is such a stingy ration of time, when there is so much time around. Perhaps that’s why some of us are insomniacs; night is so precious that it would be pusillanimous to sleep all through it! A “bad night” is not always a bad thing.



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I recently discovered this new tool on the web and in their own words “Are you sick of posting URLs in emails only to have it break when sent causing the recipient to have to cut and paste it back together? Then you’ve come to the right place. By entering in a URL in the text field below, we will create a tiny URL that will not break in email postings and never expires.”

So obviously to try, I converted this https://anwerqureishi.wordpress.com/ into http://tinyurl.com/575dj5 or even customized with your own customized alias http://tinyurl.com/bloganwerqureishi

It can also be conveniently used to twitter your friends. Try it at www.tinyurl.com.

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