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Wake Up Your Ideas

How many times are you struck with a writer’s block — it doesn’t matter if you are a blogger, writer, student or just writing a note to your friend.  Steve Aitchison posted an inspiring list of ways to find ideas when you feel that there are no more ideas left, here is an abstract:

  1. Listen to Music
  2. Ask your readers
  3. Look for Questions
  4. Interview Someone
  5. Free Association Thinking
  6. Check out topics on Twitter
  7. Always Keep a Notebook Close by
  8. Take a break

do read the complete posting http://snipurl.com/t8o7n


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Movie Poster 2012

Are looking for an intelligent, well thought movie with a profound message? If you answered yes, then this is not the one.

However if you have a few hours to spare (movie is 2 hrs 45 min in length) & you are looking to be entertained with massive CGI destruction along with cheesy humor than this is the movie to see. I thought the ending was a downer ….and they all ……. (I will let you guess).

Anyway, it keeps you engaged and is enjoyable to view on a big screen with good surround sound. Go, if you have time.

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