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“I really have this philosophy that if you can’t say something very simply–especially when you’re trying to get buy-in and communicate what you are feeling and thinking–it’s too complex and you don’t understand it yet,” says Copeman.


Quote extracted from “WHY NARA BANS INTER-OFFICE EMAIL IN FAVOR OF INTIMATE, REAL-LIFE FACE TIME” to read full article click http://www.fastcompany.com/3008685/why-nara-bans-inter-office-email-favor-intimate-real-life-face-time?partner=newsletter


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If you’re considering “start-up entrepreneurship” as a career option, you should read this article by Nina Hendy published on StartupSmart.com.au, here is the link http://www.startupsmart.com.au/planning/the-personality-traits-of-the-start-up-entrepreneur/201304089397.html .

Lemonade Stand.

People who are outgoing, gregarious and confident with high levels of self-discipline are often drawn to entrepreneurship, driven by the challenges that running your own business presents. Nina points out that most current research indicates that personality doesn’t really change over a lifetime, and is formed by the time someone is around 18-21 years of age. How each individual displays that trait is dependent on culture and environment.

The researcher cited is Dr. Mike Allan, associate director, Livingstones in Australia, who suggests a combination of traits is important to making an entrepreneur:

  • Above average levels of resilience (emotional stability)
  • Above average of openness (open to new ideas and experiences)
  • Above average levels of assertiveness (extraversion)
  • High levels of achievement striving (conscientiousness)
  • High levels of self-discipline (conscientiousness)
  • High levels of deliberation combined with above average action orientation


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